Easiest Way to Make Perfect Moroccan bread (batbot)

Moroccan bread (batbot). Feed your family with our vegan sprouted whole-grain bread. Angelic Bakehouse makes the best tasting sprouted whole grain bread. While Middle Eastern pita bread is baked in the oven, the Moroccan equivalent, batbout, is cooked stove top in a skillet or on a griddle.

Moroccan bread (batbot) Rather than being baked in the oven like Middle Eastern pita, batbout is cooked on the stove in a pan or on a griddle, where it takes just a minute or two to brown and puff up with its trademark pocket. Batbout is a Moroccan pita, or an American equivalent of sandwich bread. It's a Moroccan bread often used for a quick lunch (I loved eating it for breakfast with cheese inside.) This bread is a little different because it's cooked on the stovetop and not in the oven. You can have Moroccan bread (batbot) using 4 ingredients and 3 steps. Here is how you achieve that.

Ingredients of Moroccan bread (batbot)

  1. You need of دقيق ابيض.
  2. It’s of سيمولينا.
  3. You need of خميرة الخبز.
  4. You need of النافع ملح.

This bread is a combination of Moroccan msemmen and Moroccan batbout bread. The final product is a flaky, pillowy bread that is delicious with honey. Batbout ( بطبوط) is a small Moroccan bread that looks like almost the English muffin. Some people consider it as a Moroccan pita bread.

Moroccan bread (batbot) step by step

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Batbout also called Matlou – مطلوع (and may have other names ) is made of few ingredients. Some recipes calls out for flour only and others use a mixture of flour and fine semolina. Batbout – Super Fluffy Moroccan Pita Bread – Easy to follow flatbread recipe that will change your understand of what Pita bread is. Moroccan bread *batbout*الخبز السوسي Kochina كوشينا. The round Moroccan bread served at most meals is called khobz, but you might also hear it referred to by Berber names of kesra in Tamazight or agroum in Tashelhit.

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