How to Cook Perfect Jordanian Bedouin (مهباش)Coffee Grinder

Jordanian Bedouin (مهباش)Coffee Grinder.

Jordanian Bedouin (مهباش)Coffee Grinder You can have Jordanian Bedouin (مهباش)Coffee Grinder using 3 ingredients and 4 steps. Here is how you cook it.

Ingredients of Jordanian Bedouin (مهباش)Coffee Grinder

  1. Prepare of Coffee bean.
  2. You need of Cardamom seed.
  3. Prepare of 🔥 bonfire.

Jordanian Bedouin (مهباش)Coffee Grinder step by step

  1. Using bonfire we saluted the coffee beans with cardamom seed till you smell the beans.
  2. Then you add it to the grinder and you use the handle and crush all to your desire wish they had a video on this app so you could hear the The Music tune that this Bedoun grinder could make.
  3. Then time change they start using the easy way and they lost the 🎶.
  4. One cup of hot water we use 3 tablespoon of the ground coffee bean boiling for 3 minutes usually no sugar or cream add to Bedouin coffee enjoy.

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